I am a Bristol based photographer and my primary interests lie in Wildlife and Landscape Photography. I set out to capture the beauty and majesty of Landscapes and Wildlife, staying true to the belief that a picture paints a thousand words.

I started my photography in 2007 with the purchase of my first digital SLR. In July 2008 I received my Licentiateship distinction (LRPS)and in September of 2010 I received my Associateship distinction (ARPS)from the Royal Photographic Society .
All the images on this website have been taken since 2007 and I hope to continue adding new images on a regular basis. So please come back and visit and look in on my latest images gallery, as images will be uploaded regularly (workload permitting).

All of my images are shot in RAW format and are true to life and I only use Photoshop CS5 to make minor adjustments to levels, contrast and saturation in order to reflect the image as it was when I pressed the shutter release.

My Wildlife Photography has rekindled my childhood interest for all living creatures and I have developed a passion for wildlife, in particular birds, and this will hopefully manifest itself through my photography. I am captivated by the delicate lines and colours of our resident UK birds. Their behaviour is truly wonderful to watch, the clan of Long Tailed Tits, who are all family members, working their way through an Alder Tree, chirping to one another as if to say “keep up, the best bits are over here!” or the Wren singing at the top of its voice to call a mate or mark its territory to ward off potential interlopers. Sadly too many people today do not bother to look and listen at the natural world around them, they don’t realise what they are missing!

This Wildlife photography journey has only just started, it may be a long and twisting road, but it is the journey of learning the art of photography and producing images that others can enjoy that is truly satisfying.
I am inspired by my fellow photographers who have already made the journey, some of whom I am truly grateful to for giving me their time and knowledge so freely.
One outstandingly inspiring photographer, whom I first met at the very beginning of my photographic journey told me “An image is not taken it is made” and how true those words have proved to be!
It takes long hours and hard work to become a great photographer and it takes that and your vision in images to become a truly inspired photographer.

The images in my gallery are a mirror to my vision of the world through my eyes and consequently the viewfinder of my camera. I like to take my images either early or late in the day the reason being that the light is warmer and the sun is lower on the horizon throwing long shadows and a veil of luxurious warm light. Occasionally (very occasionally) the sky can be lit up for 5 minutes or so in the most extraordinary light that can surround your subject in a halo of fire that creates astonishingly dramatic effects.

I hope you enjoy or have enjoyed browsing the images on this web site and visit again in the future to view my new work.