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I am an amateur Wildlife and Landscape photographer and I always take a professional approach to my work.

I spend many hours researching my subjects whether they be Birds, Wildlife or Landscapes, my approach is always the same. With Wildlife and in particular Birds, I get to know my subject as intimately as I can.

I follow their everyday lives to understand their behaviour monitoring flight paths, usual trails, feeding patterns, bathing and drinking pools. When this is completed only then will I try to make the most aesthetically pleasing image I can.

In my Landscape work I strive to create an artistic view of what I was looking at the moment I tripped the shutter. If one visit to the location and viewpoint does not work then I will go back again and again until I find the right light that helps to create the image I want.

I believe that our best work is yet to come and that is why we strive to continuously improve it.



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10th July 2012
Great Spotted Woodpecker Success!
22nd April 2009
How to successfully photograph Great Spotted Woodpeckers and the tricks required.
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New Feeding Station
22nd March 2009
The start of photographing my Avian friends down at my local farm copse.
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